Artistic Approach
In his more recent paintings, Rémi Filion has created spaces where figuration and lyrical abstraction cohabit freely. His intention is to share his vision of the profound and complex world in which we live. Colours and forms emerge from the silent depths of the unconscious mind; they come to us in huge luminous waves attracting us back to the unconscious.
His paintings could be seen as « Light captors ». Like prisms, they fragment light and hint towards figurations. When your eyes run over them, travelling from darkness to light, they go deep into those reinvented landscapes in suspension between time and space. In this totally free universe, semi-abstract human forms, baroque animals and mineral crystals emerge. One form summons another, they intermingle in a complex network, until a sense of unity and balance takes over.
Standing in front of his evolving canvas, he is overcome
by an intense feeling of anticipation. Which kind of forms will come to life? Which kind of emotions will spring forth?  He abandons himself to his intuitive being, not really knowing where he is heading.  He submits himself to the act of creation, opening up to the unknown and enjoying the mere pleasure of exploring.

Rémi Filion



Rémi Filion was born in Kiamika, Quebec.
In 1974, he obtains a D.E.C. in Fine Arts (CEGEP du Vieux- Montréal) and graduates in 1979 as a Bachelor in Graphic Arts (Université du Québec à Montréal).
During the 80's, he explores multimedia and takes part in numerous worshops in artistic training. He also studies freely different forms of art (sculpture, ceramics, silk-screen printing) which enrich his artistic expression. With time, his painting will trend more and more towards lyrical abstraction. He has exhibited his works in different galleries:
Galerie Richelieu in Montreal, Koyman galleries in Ottawa, Suite Soixante in Trois-Rivière.

2013 Anthracite Galerie, «Odyssée» Recent painting
2012 Aire libre «Recent painting»
2011 Gallery Richelieu «Recent painting»
2010 Gallery2m2 «Fulgurance» Excentris
2010 Gallery Iris, Baie St-Paul
2010 Gallery Richelieu, Montréal
2009 Boutique Gallery David Lesage Recent painting
2008 Galerie Le 1040 “Territoire” 36 recent painting
2007 International ExpoArt Festival Montreal –Expo Art Gallery
2005 Centre St-Pierre, recent paintings
2004 Galerie Artus, Regards, 30 recent paintings
2003 Centre St-Pierre, 15 paintings
2002 Exhibition «Des mondes», at Galerie Atelier
2000 Creation of clay sculptures « ARTKIA », small formats

Group exhibitions
2009 FIMA Festival International Montréal en Arts
2008 FIMA Festival International Montréal en Arts
2007 Exhibition at the Arthotèque
2006   Circle of painters and sculptors of Quebec
– Mention of great distinction,
category « figurative frontiers »
1986-1989   Salon des Métiers d’art de Montréal
– earthenware murals